Kibidula’s core purpose is to glorify God and to share and help others to share the good news of Salvation in Christ Jesus, His incredible love for each person, and encourage others that Jesus will return soon, let us be ready.

Kibidula staff and volunteers are a combination of Tanzanians and expatriates from various countries. Kibidula is a registered member of Outpost Centers International and Adventist Laymen’s Services and Indstries (ASI).

About Us


Kibidula began its various outreach ministries in 1989 on 4,776 acres located in South Central Tanzania, and has been bustling with activity ever since. The team runs a primary school for local students, an agricultural school, which provides vocational, spiritual and life-skills training for those unable to continue onto secondary school; and an evangelism school. THeir organization also operates a lifesyle center, builds One-Day Churches, publishes literature (health of body, mind and spirit), prints Bible studies, tracts and small books, provide Bibles, and does evangelism. Additionally, Kibidula supports many local national missionaries in unreached areas and grows avocados. In all its educational programs, Kibidula seeks to lead hearts to Jesus. Through true higher education, the staff encourages their students to develop excellence in character and become all they can be for life on this earth and for eternity.