Education for Eternity

Kibidula Lay Missionary School Kibidula Lay Missionary School Kibidula Lay Missionary School

Kibidula’s mission is all about education; our Agricultural school, Livestock, Carpentry, and Tailoring but all these are just for making it in this world. Kibidula’s core mission is education for eternity, for understanding and spreading the wonderful gospel message that changes people forever. We have a school of Evangelism as well as Lay Missionaries which we sponsor and send out all over Tanzania. The One Day Church program ties in with both of these programs and plants churches throughout the country.

Kibidula Farm

Kibidula Farm serves the purpose of education, food production for the campus schools and income generation for the mission. At the moment the farm has a growing orchard with improved varieties of Avocado. Herds of cows and sheep help make use of the grass land. Some acreage is planted in Pine and Eucalyptus trees to supply the mission’s needs for lumber and fence posts. Together with the Agricultural School Kibidula Farm assists the surrounding villages with know-how, grafting material and technical support.