Evagelism School Graduation 2nd Session 2017

The second session of the Evangelism School graduated on the 26th of November.  It is always a time of joy and sadness.  We are so happy that they are ready to return to their home areas to work to share hope in Jesus with the skills they have gained, but we are also sorry to see our friends leave.

The session started in July with 32 students, two of which came for the 4-weeks of health evangelism only.

Close to the end of the session, the remaining 30 health evangelism/lay evangelism school students went out on effort in two villages.  At those villages they conducted health expos, health outreach, and health teachings along with spiritual outreach.  At the village of Ludewa there were about 100 people attended the health expo and 57 at the village of Utiga.  The students helped many people with various health issues, including probably saving the life of one person who had been bitten by a poisonous snake.  The entire leg was swollen.  Through the use of charcoal and prayer, the person is able to walk again.  The challenges were many for the students at the two locations, lack of clean water being a serious one.

We praise the Lord that through these efforts, six people from each of the two villages (twelve total) accepted Jesus as their Savior and were baptized at the end of the efforts.    Thank you for all the mission partners out there that pray, encourage and support this work!