Health Evangelism Department Update

The Kibidula Medical Missionary Department now includes Kori Butts as a full time staff member. In addition to the basic medical missionary training held at the Evangelism School (the first month of each 5-month session), the team has been very busy with mobile teaching sessions, health expos, helping with evangelism efforts, translating […]

New Mobile Website Version

We now have a mobile version of our website! Share easily to facebook, twitter or google plus using the share links at the end of each post or page.

Printing Work

  The printing work at Kibidula started with the arrival of Bill Bosse in December 2013. After a couple of months of waiting and praying, the shipping container with four presses and a multitude of other equipment arrived. After much effort and perseverance, the first print job (health expo sheets for the […]

Graduation of Evangelism School Students (Session 2, 2014)

Graduation of the second session of the Evangelism School was on the 23rd of November, 2014. Twenty-eight students from age 20 to 62 completed the 5-month evangelism training course, including the one-month medical missionary classroom training. This group split up into two teams for three weeks of evangelism outreach. They conducted health […]

Avocado season has begun

We have avocados! Just one of the benefits of working here at Kibidula is that we have first buyers rights to the avocados that are grown here.  The season has begun and we have started enjoying the fruits of our labor.  Many of the staff become so accustomed to the excellent quality […]