Let the building begin!

Things just don’t happen as quickly as one might like to see them happen at times, here in Tanzania.  Roofing sheets were ordered for the One-Day-Church program back in January.  After multiple broken-promise-dates, the materials finally arrived last week (today being May 6th!)  Now the construction plans are gearing up as we […]

June 2012 REACH Agricultural Training Center – KIBIDULA Short Report

After two years of training in Kibidula, twenty-eight young people were looking forward to their graduation on June 20 of this year. Full of anticipation they prepared this special day with songs, poems and decorations of the cafeteria and surroundings. They had invited their parents or care takers to come and celebrate. […]

Kibidula Video

Take a moment to watch the Kibidula video and see our dedicated missionary staff at work in the various outreach projects that we run. Some of those programs are the School of Evangelism, School of Agriculture, One Day Church Project, Lay Missionaries, Aviation Outreach, Primary School, Publishing work, Livestock farming, Avocado Farm, […]

Sunflower cycle

The Kibidula farm units produce all of their own food on the farm, including cooking oil! Beautiful sunflowers cover the hillside in a vast array of vibrant yellow. These are planted, the seeds harvested, the oil is then extracted through a press, and the oil used in cooking in each of the […]

Self Sustaining Farm Units

The Kibidula Agricultural school is a 2 year program that is holistic and well rounded. Each person studies the knowledge of organic agricultural farming as well as getting their hands into the soil. There are three farm units, as we call them. They are groups of students who live, study, and work […]