Self Sustaining Farm Units

The Kibidula Agricultural school is a 2 year program that is holistic and well rounded. Each person studies the knowledge of organic agricultural farming as well as getting their hands into the soil. There are three farm units, as we call them. They are groups of students who live, study, and work […]

Kibidula Farm and Livestock

Kibidula has a vast amount of land which is used for farming, but there are so many untilled acres that we thought it could be used for grazing land also. So now Kibidula raises cattle and sheep, they are sold locally to help sustain the finances of the organization.

Education for Eternity

Kibidula’s mission is all about education; our Agricultural school, Livestock, Carpentry, and Tailoring but all these are just for making it in this world. Kibidula’s core mission is education for eternity, for understanding and spreading the wonderful gospel message that changes people forever. We have a school of Evangelism as well as […]

Kibidula Farm

Kibidula Farm serves the purpose of education, food production for the campus schools and income generation for the mission. At the moment the farm has a growing orchard with improved varieties of Avocado. Herds of cows and sheep help make use of the grass land. Some acreage is planted in Pine and […]