Iva Werner Primary School

The Iva Werner Primary School was built in 2004, with funding from Mrs. Iva Werner. In 2007 it was officially registered as a Tanzanian English Medium Primary School. The school has grown steadily, and averages a little over 100 students ranging from Kindergarten to Standard 7. (Grades 1-7 are called Standards 1-7 here.)

Iva Werner is a day school targeting staff children from Kibidula and children from the nearby villages. The school strives to give good Christian education, and is based on the principles of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. The primary goal of the school is to help the children know Jesus as their personal Savior.

History of the School

Kibidula believes in the principles of true education – education that includes the proper development of the physical, mental, and spiritual powers.


Through agriculture exercises, students are cultivating garden areas to provide food for themselves at the school (better nutrition program) and for selling to local markets.  Our goal is to have students learn very practical lesson in the garden work.  Mathematics, teamwork, science, knowledge of God through His nature and how even a seed can die and produce a harvest, are just a few of the lessons we hope our students gain in these practical studies.  Exercise in the open air and sunshine are also extra benefits for our young with too much energy to sit in class all day.


Mental training is a part of all elementary schools.  Our students are required to take national exams for which daily lesson supply much schooling on subjects that are evaluated through these exams.  Mathematics, Science, Swahili, English, and all normal elementary subjects are part of the lessons. 


Our most important aspect is Spiritual learning.  Through the Bible classes and the care of faithful teachers, we hope our students will experience the love and joy of knowing Jesus as their personal savior.  As they learn of Jesus, we encourage them to be missionaries in their homes and communities.  The school also conducts spiritual outreach programs with the students to minister to the community.