June 2017 Agriculture School Graduation

The Agriculture Schools graduation ceremony had many visitors including parents, government officials from several places, and even business people. We heard a wonderful testimony from one business man who previously hired a graduate from our school. He was asked by another business person about getting a very dependable worker. He allowed the friend to take our student. And now at our graduation, he was back to hire four more of our graduates. It was very encouraging to hear him talk about the faithfulness of our previous student, including always praying before going to work. It touched many deeply to know that these young people are making a difference when they leave this place. Another testimony was given by one of the parents. She talked about how many wonderful changes she had noticed in her son since he started coming to our school. God is working!

June 2012 REACH Agricultural Training Center – KIBIDULA Short Report

After two years of training in Kibidula, twenty-eight young people were looking forward to their graduation on June 20 of this year. Full of anticipation they prepared this special day with songs, poems and decorations of the cafeteria and surroundings. They had invited their parents or care takers to come and celebrate. For most of those who were invited it was the first time for them to see Kibidula.  They were impressed with the development of their children and thankful for what Kibidula offered.

Happy, but also a bit sad, the graduates said good-bye to their teachers and first year student friends. We hope to see you again – Karibuni Tena!

June 2012 Graduates

Last week we had the intake interviews for the new year. We could choose only twenty students from a crowd of over fifty young people asking to be allowed to join the training in Kibidula. We hope to have made the right choices. Ten more will be allowed from regions farther away.

Jean-Luc Waber
Principal, Agricultural Training Center

Self Sustaining Farm Units

Kibidula Farm Kibidula Farm Kibidula Farm

The Kibidula Agricultural school is a 2 year program that is holistic and well rounded. Each person studies the knowledge of organic agricultural farming as well as getting their hands into the soil. There are three farm units, as we call them. They are groups of students who live, study, and work together on the farm. Each farm unit has a portion of land in which they work and harvest the bounty. The students have rooms to sleep, a kitchen, meeting place, and carpentry shop. Each of these students feel much gratitude for the opportunity that Kibidula has given them.