Printing Work




The printing work at Kibidula started with the arrival of Bill Bosse in December 2013. After a couple of months of waiting and praying, the shipping container with four presses and a multitude of other equipment arrived. After much effort and perseverance, the first print job (health expo sheets for the medical missionary department and evangelism school) rolled off the press. Bill and his apprentice Yoeli are still seeking to find suppliers for all the different printing materials, such as chemicals and proper paper for the various jobs. They are also working out the fine tuning for the new press to be able to print in full color.

In less than one year of operation, two different message tracts, Steps to Christ in Swahili, business forms, medical forms, teaching syllabi, and a run of 1000 booklets to minister to Muslims have been printed.
Bill and Yoeli are also helping to bring new life to some old books, especially Bibles, using local materials and a lot of creativity. Those “new” old Bibles look like they will have many more years of bringing the Good News to the people of surrounding areas.