School of Agriculture

Kibidula’s Agriculture school is a place where at-risk youth can come to learn life-skills, Bible, basic education, and vocational training.  Students live in supervised dormitories, tending fields and taking vocational classes including sewing, carpentry, soap making, basket making, etc.  Many students accept Jesus as their savior before leaving our school.

School of Evangelism

There are two five-month sessions yearly for our Evangelism School. Eager lay people from all over Tanzania and even from Kenya come to learn health of mind, body and spirit and how to share what they have learned with others. Many students learn ministerial leadership skills in our school and take on additional responsibilities in their own churches after graduation. 




Iva Werner Primary School

Kibidula’s Iva Werner Primary school is a day-school (non-boarding) school for local children from kindergarten through grade 7.  The school is an English Medium school where students learn basic elementary studies, Bible, agriculture and all the wonderful things which go along with those including planning and some business skills.  We hope to continue to include additional vocational classes.

Avacado Farm

This department is Kibidula’s department to provide future funding for the various missionary departments.  This department is growing rapidly with the help of many mission partners.  There are over 62,000 avocado trees planed on 500 acres, along with many thousands of grafted seedlings which are sold to other avocado producers.  This department is getting lots of attention from government and business people as they see how God is blessing as we seek to honor God in all our ways. 

Printing and Publishing

Kibidula has been providing the majority of Swahili books to the literature evangelism programs in Tanzania.  Many books and booklets have been translated and printed in the subjects of agriculture, physical health, mental and spiritual health.  Bible Studies and small booklets are printed on our campus on our presses.  Larger books are printed in Poland.

Wellness Center

The Kibidula Wellness Center ministers both locally and through mobile training events.  Through encouragement, education, and hands-on practical implementation of what they learn people come for help with all forms of health challenges.  We have seen miracles as God has answered prayers and efforts through this ministry.