Avocado season has begun

We have avocados!

Just one of the benefits of working here at Kibidula is that we have first buyers rights to the avocados that are grown here.  The season has begun and we have started enjoying the fruits of our labor.  Many of the staff become so accustomed to the excellent quality of our avocados that when the season is over, we just can’t bring ourselves to buy the market varieties.  There is NO COMPARISON AT ALL.  We have excellent fruit from our trees and many of us are taking advantage of it.

Some of us have been experimenting and making bread with avocado, making creamy desserts (carob pie filling) and such.  It is amazing how a little avocado can change a normal dish into something extraordinary.

So we are thankful for our producing trees, for our newly grafted trees, and for the continued growth of the orchard.  Now we are seeking to make a real breakthrough in the area of marketing.  We marketed last years crop, but we hope to have more this year and want to expand.  We covet your prayers for God to open the door for us to have a big market share, that the sellers and the buyers in the surrounding area will recognize the superior quality (and handling) and that we will have a better way to raise funds for the evangelism efforts.


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