Health Evangelism Department Update

The Kibidula Medical Missionary Department now includes Kori Butts as a full time staff member. In addition to the basic medical missionary training held at the Evangelism School (the first month of each 5-month session), the team has been very busy with mobile teaching sessions, health expos, helping with evangelism efforts, translating the teaching materials, developing tracts, opening our new Wellness Center, and doing village door-to-door work.
Kori has been a big help, as she has been very active in the villages around Kibidula, helping people with all kinds of needs. A few students from the Evangelism School have the opportunity to continue the medical training and work together with her in the community and at the Wellness/Lifestyle Center. Over 50 men and women have been advised or given medical assistance, food and clothing provided for more than 15 families, and four gardens for the elderly or sick “put back in shape”. The new Wellness/Lifestyle Center has served 3 guests so far.

Ultimately, the goal is to win people’s trust that we may reach them for Christ. Our first health guest that came for help with out-of-control diabetes earlier this year was baptized on the 17th of December! We are praising the Lord for opening doors and hearts.
Fifty students attended the one-month medical missionary training this year at the Kibidula Training Center as either a stand-alone class or as part of the 5-month evangelism course. Together with our students we conducted health expos and meetings in 15 different locations, with more than 2’262 attendees. In connection to these meetings, 111 people decided to be baptized.
We want to praise God for all He has done!





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